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Beer on tap & keg hire

The complete draught experience

Little Happy Hut Mobile Bar is equipped with 3 drink taps, and a high-end Italian chiller system, providing high-volume pouring, for a fast and efficient beer on tap service. Melbourne residents and businesses will love our clean, simple and hassle free system, providing your guests with a cold beer right away.

We are fully licensed, meaning we can supply, deliver, and set up kegs for private functions and events, including weddings, corporate functions, or work/birthday parties. Not only that, but at Little Happy Hut, we do not limit what we offer. With our flexible drink menu, you get to choose your own mainstream or craft beer options to have on tap at your next Melbourne event. If you can’t find what you are looking for, ask us and we shall source it for you!

Why choose Beer on Tap?

It’s simple really- instantly cold, quality, fresher, and a beautiful texture, no bottles, no lids, less bins, black sacks, and kinder on the environment, glass schooners provided and, of course, it tastes so much better than out of a bottle. Beer from a keg is not exposed to light, unlike bottled beer, so you can rest assured that beer from our taps is as fresh as it gets! And, let’s be honest, the look of our flooded beer taps is inviting! Our fully licensed beer on tap hire is perfect for wedding celebrations, birthdays and corporate parties, as it will allow you to run your event anywhere at any time with alcohol served.

Why Little Happy Hut?

Our dispensing systems are well and properly maintained, ensuring tasty, fresh beer. Our kegs are kept in the right conditions. We will never serve a warm beer and we always maintain the correct temperature and pressure settings. We offer a flexible drinks menu, delivery, setup, and glassware, along with top of the range beer dispensing equipment, ensuring the perfect pour.

Please contact our team today to find out more about our beer on tap hire for your wedding or next corporate event around Melbourne.

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