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Hired for full 3 days of beverage and catering for Mazda Australia, Little Happy Hut's coffee van played a pivotal role in the successful launch of Mazda Australia's new CX90.Inviting motoring journalists to review their new luxury car at Lang Lang race track, Mazda Australia required quality coffee, beverages and catering for their crew and journalists.Breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea is our speciality and so that’s where Little Happy Hut came in!

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Arriving early on the Monday to bump in, we met the team that we would be spending the next 3 days with.

The event, designed to impress, featured not only a premium coffee experience but also a comprehensive catering service throughout the day offering breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea delights.

Early in the morning, guests were greeted with a delectable breakfast from our coffee van. Freshly baked pastries, chef-made egg and bacon breaky buns, toasted croissants fresh juices and a variety of hot beverages set the perfect tone for the day ahead.Our skilled baristas were on hand to create personalized coffee creations, ensuring a delightful start to the event.

As the day progressed, Little Happy Hut seamlessly transitioned into lunch service, offering an array of gourmet options to cater to different tastes and dietary requirements. From gourmet savoury platters, fruit platters,sandwich and mini roll platters to refreshing salads, our lunch menu delighted guests, providing sustenance and fuel for the engaging activities and presentations.

To keep the energy high, we provided a morning tea service that featured an assortment of sweet and savory handcrafted treats, perfectly paired with our exceptional coffee. Guests indulged in scrumptious bites, enjoying moments of relaxation and connection throughout the event.

As the afternoon progressed, Little Happy Hut continued to impress with an afternoon tea service.Our selection of artisanal cakes, pastries, and premium teas ensured that guests had the perfect accompaniment to their conversations and further enhanced their overall experience.

The combination of our coffee van and comprehensive catering service added a layer of sophistication and convenience to the CX90 launch event.Mazda Australia’s guests were treated to a seamless and memorable experience,where premium coffee, gourmet meals, and delightful treats were seamlessly integrated into the day’s activities.

The success of the event was evident in the positive feedback received from both Mazda representatives and attendees. Little Happy Hut’s commitment to quality, attention to detail,and exceptional service added significant value to the CX90 launch, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

This case study exemplifies how Little Happy Hut’s coffee van, combined with our comprehensive catering service, can elevate and enhance brand events.By providing an exceptional coffee experience and delicious meals throughout the day,we created an unforgettable journey for Mazda Australia’s guests, further enhancing the success of their CX90 launch.

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